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What epic fantasy can be without world building behind it? Here there are maps, dates, information, background and articles about the Wightblade Chronicles. Fascinating and additional details about the world of Ephaleon, the Hoardlands of Dukedomberg and many other places in Terra Nostra.

wightblade sword.jpg
The Legend of the Wightblade

From Wormgar to the Fledgling Fjord. Over the Hill of Scars to the Mourning Meadows. The Thanes and the Lords of War unleashed their fury across the land. Oh, Ephaleon! Once such a pretty mistress; now torn, ripped and crumpled. You were a delicate flower, ravaged by a gauntlet of leather and iron. None are safe, from the young to the old. Why, even new-borns breaths are stilled before their first suckling on a willing breast.


But then, a mage arose, as if a dawning sun, freeing the shackles of a world long-held fast in the blackest, starless night. From where no-one knows; a mystery deeper than any mine in the mountains of Loracaneth. Some say he, or she, hailed from the land where the dragons fire once blew.

This nameless mage understood the pointlessness of killing a thousand, when their place would simply be taken by two-thousand more. A weapon was needed; one that could strike off the head and destroy the heart of any army. To be able to kill was not enough. It had to guarantee all would be achieved with a single thrust. Even that would not be sufficient. It must have such power, that when used, the recipient of the attack would vanish without trace. In doing so, this weapon would also release a wave of fear and confusion cascading through the ranks.


One strike. One slain commander. One army left without the cohesive ability to fight.


These lines below, were written anonymously, when ancientology was young and the Temples of Herrandhimm stood in all their magnificence. 


See droplets of metals precious, worked in the magic forge,

Now hardened and with jewels adorned


The blade was folded a hundred times,

An edge, so sharp, through armour it would scythe


Each fold with a spell bequeathed,

Inserted, whispering and interleaved


Fire and ice, light and dark,

Earth, wind and air, all played their part


A star plucked from the heavens was thrown inside,

Along with mystic moonbeams and a unicorn’s hide


A soul of the living and a ghost of the dead,

Were infused within it, a lacquer of dread


The blood of Succubus and a viper’s poison,

Strong ox, cunning fox, wise owl were added thereon


Feelings and emotions were mixed in too,

In a special way that only this mage knew


A core of evil, bound up with good,

All held tight in a straightjacket of truth


Strands of magic were laced throughout,

Tightening. Binding. Strong and stout


Words and inscriptions into the surface were pressed,

Mixed with vile curses and exhortations blessed


Even the Threads of Destiny were wound around,

Dipped in water from where the Gods can be found


It was hammered with lightning and soaked with thunder,

Thus made, it could break all asunder



It came to have a name in several forms, this unique blade, this harbinger of revenge:


VICTUS – WICTUS – WIGTUZ – WIGHT. All had the same meaning – ‘VICTORY’


The mage travelled the land. The Thanes died. One-by-one the Lords of War were slain. Ephaleon lived. Of the mage, the Wightblade and the spells that made it, there is nothing. The poem was written long after the legend began. Most believe it was never anything other than a legend; a story so powerful that it gave citizens the courage to overthrow the tyrants, despots and dictators.


However, there is another version. When the mage knew all was done, he or she destroyed the Wightblade. The mage became a book with the spell inside. It can only be found by one of virtue that it will recognise and accept. It is waiting somewhere, in case it is ever needed again...


 †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †   †

©2019 L. Philipp Naughton (Author of the Wightblade Chronicles)

This is the latest map of Ephaleon from the Cycle-of-Octaves 1821. After years of measuring and travelling it was finally hand-drawn by the famous cartographer Joshua Inksmudge.

Click to download

Click to download
















The Falls of the Singing Stones

The Convent of Marianna the Innocent

The Hall of the Crusader King

The Valley of the Sleeping Crusaders

Sky-Riders Peak & the Realm Fayre

The Valley of Glass

The Prioressary of Iustinia the Poor

The Waterfall of Silence

The Dragons Backs

The Academium of Ventorium

The Abbey of Santa Agatha the Undaunted

The Lagoon of Many Wonders

The Bridge of Darsissius















The Refuge of the Angels Spire

Mount Olymm

Punto D’Incontro

Mychlions Farewell

The Ruins of Herrandhimm

The Battle of Krann Hakken

The Tower of Defiance

The Wanderers Cove

The Convent of Devotion

Lakes Ephos, Inomos. Agnos & Hesgos

The Sanctuary of the Suore of Santa Rosa

Lago di Lucia & the ruins of the Convent of the Grotto

HOD Map Book 2 V3.png

Another map in the collection of Joshua Inksmudge & Kins-daughter.

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An unusual map in the collection of Joshua Inksmudge & Kins-daughter, as it shows territory not yet discovered in great detail. 

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Stumbleton Village.png

A very detailed map obtained by devious means and bought by Joshua Inksmudge & Kins-daughter.

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Ephaleon has always been ruled by queens, at least since the time that it began to emerge and unify as a nation. The Orbel of Succession has never chosen a king. Eighty Cycles-of-Octaves is normally the longest reign allowed. The dates are in MCO (Modern Cycles-of-Octaves).

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The Hoardlands of Dukedomberg has always been ruled by a Lord of Lords, at least since the time that the collection of Hoards became a nation of sorts. One might think Hordes is more correct, but the regions became known as Hoards because the all hoarded what they had stolen from each other. Dukedomberg became the most powerful of all and dominates the others. Succession is normally male and dynastical (if anyone lives long enough). The Hoardlands are wild, unruly, savage and frequently one or more of the Hoards are in some form of hostility with the others. The dates are in MCO (Modern Cycles-of-Octaves).

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