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​      I was born overseas to British parents and moved to the United Kingdom at two years old. I am eternally grateful to a particular primary school teacher, who turned me from an eight year old with a reading age of five, to a nine year old with a reading age of fourteen.  In doing so, she not only unlocked the keys to the English language, but gave me a lifelong belief in my  creativity.

      I first started writing stories to read to other children and song lyrics as a teenager in the 1970's. My writing then stopped, in the novelist sense at least, until 2011. The urge to write began again, a metaphorical tap literally turned on to full in seconds. I find it difficult to write directly onto a computer, much preferring a couple of fountain pens to guide my thoughts to words!  For those who have seen the guy in the photo scribbling away on buses, trains, planes and waiting at airports or in cafes, now you know it was me!

       I began writing the Wightblade Chronicles in 2011, finishing the first draft in 2012. Two more years of reworking and toil passed before all was ready for the submissions to agents. Over half answered. Many were negatively positive and kind, with a personal, rather than a curt response. ‘Not for us,’ was the collective message, so I decided to self-publish. On the 28th May 2017, it officially began with the delivery of the first batch of books! Two more have been self-published since and I hope to have a total of six books available by the end of this year.


I owe a huge debt for my writing passion to my mother, though sadly she died over thirty years ago. I so regret that she never got to see me follow humbly in her footsteps. 


She also wrote when young, stopped and took it up again in her forties after a life-threatening condition. She wrote for Mills and Boon – Sand through My Fingers, and numerous special edition stories for various women’s magazines. All were written under Lee Naughton, or Lee Francis. I well recall the clattering of her typewriter at all hours, the long discussions and her requests for me to proof read. Her career was cut short by a terminal illness in the early 1990s.

Courtesy of a sad tale that would make a story in it's own right, I have little left of my mother's original notes and manuscripts. One that I do have is very precious is a coat of arms I designed and painted when I was about fourteen along with a two page synopsis for a gothic mystery. I intend to write it in her memory one day. 

My mother is on the right in the photograph, with her literary agent on the left and, I believe another writer in the middle. It epitomises to me what she was and what she strove for.


I am a member of or associated with:

Jericho Writers: 


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Scottish Book Trust

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