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Bits & Bobs is available in both paperback (see Home and News Page) and eBook (Amazon Kindle).

Twist and Twisted is available in both paperback (see Home and News Page) and eBook (Amazon Kindle).

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Paperback ISBN is 78-1-9997055-8-9 

This is an intriguing collection of short stories and poems covering several genres including contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural. There are 10 stories and four poems. Most of the themes are based on time and travel.


Fancy being taken to 19th century Europe or sent a hundred years into the future? Why is a man glad he’s not a cat and what does actually happen to worried John?


Each story is accompanied by an image which helps to bring the piece to life.


A central emotive thread connects much of what has been written. Hope and determination can succeed against adversity and the most unusual of situations.


Welcome to Bits and Bobs…. Enjoy the journey!

Twist & Twisted_ebook cover.jpg
Paberback ISBN is 978-1-9997055-9-6 

This is the first novel in the Doylean Jenks Private Investigator Series. It is a gritty, no holds barred, modern day mystery crime drama, exploring the seedy underside of a city  

Even for a streetwise private investigator, what he had just seen was hard to fathom.

It had all seemed so innocuous in the beginning. Three playing cards, strewn on the roadside one rainswept evening, as DJ was bemoaning the latest slice of bad luck. 

He could never have guessed that his passing curiosity would drag him into a world of power, depravity and the darkest side of humanity.

DJ cannot afford to fail but to prevent more innocent death, how willing is he to gamble his own life?

Time is running out and the stakes are getting higher…

Official 4 Star rating with the Book Dragon Shop

Train Demon cover 3A.png
This is work in progress, including the cover, which is only the basis of an idea. This will become the second in the DJ series, in keeping with the branding of the cover style.
I'll keep you updated with the progress.

Release Date TBA 
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