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 As a general guide, the Wightblade Chronicles series is recommended for mature readers (12+).

Book One, 3rd Edition The Book of Waiting is available in both paperback and eBook.

Book Two, Towards the Two Moons is available in both paperback and eBook.

Book Three, 'Mists and Mirrors is available in both paperback and eBook. 

Book of Waiting eBook front Cover.jpg
THE BOOK OF WAITING: 3rd Edition (Book 1)


Paperback ISBN-978-1-9997055-7-2

Amazon E-Book ASIN: B07WKGBP4Y

The Time-Glass turns. The Threads of Destiny twist. The Book of Waiting must be found….


Beniamino Carnevale, a young kinsman, is unexpectedly thrust into the wealthy and venerated Academium of Ventorium. Joining a select group in Magical Studies, he discovers that his surname alone can inspire fear. Those who tormented him as a child will now stop at nothing, including mind probing, to prevent him developing his erratic magic. The Academium is not the tranquil place its façade suggests. Evil is brooding, watching, waiting.


Monumental events are unfolding. The venomous Lord of Lords and his dark elf want to avenge the catastrophic defeat the Hoardlands armies suffered in the ancient past. It was inflicted by a mage called Carnevale, a name detested above all others. As a doubting Beniamino struggles with his past and present, his beloved Realm of Ephaleon is under ever-increasing threat. As danger mounts, nothing can stay the same….


This is the first book in the Wightblade Chronicles.


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Chronicle 1 Front Cover.jpg
Stop Press - A quantity of first edition paperbacks are still available for £3.50 plus postage.
These may in time become valuable. Anyone interested in obtaining copies please contact the author. 


Paperback ISBN-978-1-9997055-0-3

The decision to make a new edition of the very first book was not taken lightly. The response from those who had read the original version was almost universally positive. However, taking the various viewpoints and with the hindsight of Books Two and Three, it became apparent that what was a good book could have been a better book, more in keeping with the style, structure and pace of the succeeding ones.

ebook Book 2 cover.jpg

Paperback ISBN-978-1-9997055-2-7

Amazon E-Book ASIN: B07DPYCBGW

The Time-Glass turns. The Threads of Destiny twist. Events converge….

Being murdered whilst studying at the Academium isn’t mentioned in the booklet given to students.

Beniamino is trying hard to stay alive. A secret assassin has been activated and is now doggedly going about his deadly task. The insidious power of the Hoardlands is growing, twisting like poisoned vines, threatening his home, family and those close to him in his village.

Meanwhile, someone surprising is ordered to perform a kidnapping. The unsuspecting victim, with links to Beniamino, may have secrets that are vital to friend and foe alike.

Dragons’ souls are stirring. Ghosts are calling. Magic is growing stronger. The answers may lie in the City of Marenarium, the destination of an increasingly dangerous fieldtrip for Beniamino and his friends but how will it all end…?

This is the second book in the Wightblade Chronicles.


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ebook cover09.jpg

Paperback ISBN-978-1-9997055-1-1

Amazon E-Book ASIN: B07WQHYKBB

The world is swirling. An ill-wind is blowing. The hand of fate is beckoning….

When Beniamino has something precious taken from him, he realises Stumbleton village and himself have been changed forever.

Marieda, the Book of Waiting, is more chaotic and neurotic. Then there are the mysterious TIDs that allow travel between places. It is a shock when Beniamino meets someone who is alive and well, despite the fact they died long before he had been born.

Viperamela from the Hoardlands is a new and wicked arrival to the Academium. Her singular thought is causing deadly trouble whilst on her given mission.

The trip to the Realm Fayre poses as many questions as answers. Beniamino is being victimised but does he have the courage to stand up and fight for himself and those he cares for?

Hidden agendas begin to surface. Who can be trusted? And all the while, the Hoardlands menace looms larger….


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Front Cover_F.png
The Change of Reigns (Book 4)


Paperback ISBN-978-1-9997055-3-4

Amazon E-Book ASIN: BOCN6238SV

A realm’s destiny is being decided… politics are shifting… personal relationships are changing.

‘Beniamino and the other Protectors of Marieda are deeply involved in the monumental developments swirling around them. The gloves of power are being removed as the true intent of the Hoardlands is revealed.

Traitorous deeds and breaches of trust point to a dark and foreboding future, heralding the constant threat of persecution and death.

Hope, however, still burns in the hearts of those refusing to bow to the will of the new and naive queen, and it will not be quenched.

Much depends on Beniamino and those with him as they journey to Herrandhimm, the ancient home of both the Book of Waiting and the sinister, forbidden Seraphim Society.

The stakes have never been higher. Who will win?’

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I am perusing your book now as bedtime reading (is this wise?) and finding it both funny and colourful and mind-bending!

      - L. Muir

I only have one question - when is the next book going to be available? I got through that (the first) on four evenings!

      - H. Rogan

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. You have one hell of a creative imagination!

      - A. Cameron

Love the book! Have just shared the info about it on my FB (Facebook) to my friends.

       - D. Martin

Just finished your first book, loved it! Tomorrow I'm about to start the second one, really admiring your creativity and imagination!

       - Michael Seitz

Book 2 is always on my bedside table and it's a pleasure to have some moments to dedicate to it. Beniamino's journey to Marigold is totally involving. I often wonder how you could come up with such amazing settings and with the bizarre creatures that live there! I hope the number of readers is increasing because the series is really worth it!

      - Cristina Giannelli 

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