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This is the collective name for the series of books set in the fantasy world of Terra Nostra. It is a planet with mythical links to Earth, passed down from the dawn of its ancientology (history). Terra Nostra is centered around Ephaleon, the Hoardlands of Dukedomberg and the Heredian Islands. The rest is mostly unexplored, though alluded to in some old mysterious maps. In chronological terms, the first book begins in 1821 MCO (Modern Cycle-of-Octaves). It is set in an approximate medieval/renaissance society,  with its own unique twists and, of course, magic. Kinsfolks live alongside elves, dwarves, fairies, halflings and many others.

      The story centres on a group of individuals at the Academium (University) of Ventorium in Ephaleon and their adversaries. 

      So, how best to describe the Chronicles of Wightblade? Epic Fantasy created by in depth world building, quirky by nature, combining magic, adventure, excitement, romance and much more besides. 

THE CHANGE OF REIGNS - Book Four of the Wightblade Chronicles now released as eBook and paperback. See the Wighblade Chronicles page for details.


I have two more books in other genres that were released in 2022:

BITS & BOBS - A collection of short stories and poems.

TWIST AND TWISTED - A murder/crime/thriller 


      Here you can find the latest news, events and updates  


Hi and thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find it interesting. To bring you up to date there have been a couple of interesting things going on.

The main event was going to my first ever book fair as a seller, June 8th. It was called HydraCon and was a small event organised by the Book Dragon. Every little step counts as they say. I had a good time, met a few other authors and interested members of the public. I also sold more books than I thought I would, so that was fantastic.

A.I.M.E, an AI topical and dark Sci-Fi thriller has now been 1st draft written and 2nd draft typed up on the laptop. It has also had my first and second edit and I am currently organising sending it for an independent proofing review.

The much longer task is Book 5 of the Wightblade Chronicles, called 'The Threads of Destiny.' It is already handwritten, but now the work of turning it into a book is in progress. I'm excited to say that I'm currently typing up chapter 13 and have the first two chapters back from my editor.

I'm making some sort of effort to keep writing, rather than only copying up or editing. A short story called 'The Attic of Theatrics' set in late 19th/early 20th century France is just over halfway. It is currently destined to be part of the second short story book.


Scottish Book Trust have been in touch with me to write a short story for them as I do every year. This year's theme is hope and I have submitted my 2024 entry entitled, 'A Day to Remember.'  

I'm simplifying my paperback sales. Primarily, you can still contact me for ordering direct, via the contact page on this website or message me on Facebook: L Philipp Naughton

The Book Dragon bookshop stocks my books in the shop or online order.

You can also order from Waterstones Bookshop online.

Paperbook prices are all £10.00p, except the Change of Reigns is £12.00p. With a sale direct from myself, I'll advise the postage cost and I have PayPal. Ordering elsewhere will be as per the stockists terms and conditions.

eBooks are through Amazon direct or through the links on my book pages in this website.

I hope to soon be expanding this further and slowly revamping my website during 2024.

(L. Philipp Naughton 2024)

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